Altair32 Code Releases

Future Release

In the works. There are some minor bug fixes, but nothing major.


Current Release

Release 3.20.40 (11/15/06)(12.5mb)

MD5 Hash: 87C320F5B0A826CAF797E6376DE2A4A7

Front Panel Support Package (5/12/06)(7.9mb)

Immediately Previous Release

Release 3.10.02 (05/12/06)(12.3mb)

MD5 Hash: B5FA3153E199EF593B99D82D74C0300C


Release History

Release 3.00.00 (08/11/04): (offline, 8.7mb)

Release 2.50.00 (04/26/03): (offline, 8.6mb)

Release 2.50.00 patch (4/30/04): (offline, 0.4mb)

Release 2.40.00 (11/15/02): (offline, 6.1mb).

Release 2.30.10 (08/23/02): (offline; 5.3mb)

Release 2.20.02 (01/31/02):  (offline; 5.5mb)

Release 2.1 (12/14/01): (offline; 3.8mb)

Release 2.0 (08/19/01):  (offline; 0.5mb)

Original Code

    Also available is the original binaries. It seems that these binaries have disappeared from the Web over time, and various links to Claus Giloi's Web site have been broken when his Web site went to /dev/nul.

General Notes

  • Please review the release notes included with the distribution as it includes important information relating to this release.
  • I found the more recent versions of HyperTerm (included with Windows) handle TCP connections beautifully. So, I just created a desktop icon for a "localhost" connection and use that with the Altair32. Also, the current version of the emulator adds support for the Windows Console, so it has a "terminal" built in.
  • Disk image management code works fully with no issues. CP/M, AltairDOS and Microsoft Disk BASIC are fully functional. Several "utility" disks are included including a "developers" disk.
  • For those interested in programming in 8080 assembler, here is a scan of the instruction set information from the MCS-80 data book.
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